Interesting Facts about Pensacola’s History

13 Feb

Pensacola's History

If you live anywhere near Pete Moore Mitsubishi, then you probably know a little about Pensacola’s history. For example, you may know that this city was one of the first settlements in America, and it has been home to a variety of different cultures. There’s a lot to learn about this city’s past, and certainly more than we can fit into this article. However, to get you started, here are three cool facts about Pensacola’s history.


Today, we have Uber. But in late 1800s and early 1900s, streetcar trolleys were the most efficient form of public transportation. Opening in 1884, the first streetcars in the area could take you from Pensacola Bay up to the Union Depot for the equivalent of $1.50.

Daniel Boone

American pioneers certainly got to see a lot of what this country had to offer, so their opinions should mean a lot. Daniel Boone trekked from North Carolina through Florida, and Pensacola was his favorite place. Were it not for his wife, he would have moved here. Perhaps Pensacola, Florida would have been named Boone rather than Boone, North Carolina.

What’s In a Name?

Then again, maybe Pensacola wouldn’t allow itself to be renamed after Daniel Boone. After all, our city got its name from the Panzacola tribe, who lived in the area when the Spanish arrived. By 1686, the area was synonymous with “Panzacola” and has been ever since.

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