Back to School Driving Tips

12 Sep

Back to school driving tips

It’s that time of year again! School is in session, which means teen drivers and school buses are everywhere on the road and your guard is up. Here are some back to school driving tips that’ll help you.

  1. Follow the Speed Limit

This doesn’t just refer to the speed limit, but specifically the “school zone” speed limit. School zones have a lower speed limit for a reason: kids. Whether there are young kids or older kids crossing the street, they’ll be safer if you slow down—and you’ll avoid a speeding ticket.


  1. Look Out for School Buses

Stopping for buses is extremely important. Kids, especially little kids, can be unseen to drivers when they’re trying to cross. Stopping when that big STOP sign extends from the bus means that they will be safe. Also be sure to let buses switch lanes in front of you and try to yield to them.


  1. Be Aware

This may seem like a basic tip, but it’s especially important if you’re a parent. If you’re dropping off your kids or carpooling, you have to make sure to watch what’s around you. In fact, more than any other location, most kids are hit by cars near their school. Always keep an eye out when you’re dropping off kids.

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