Best Summer Barbecue Recipes

22 Aug

Summer Barbecue Recipes

Trying something new is a part of summer that usually takes the form of traveling and vacations. Fortunately there are plenty of new things to try right at home, including barbecue recipes. From the grill to your plate, there’s a ton of new foods and recipes popping us every season. Here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we have some of the best summer barbecue recipes to help make your taste buds tingle!

  • Classic Burger – Creating the classic hamburger is pretty simple. All you need is a raw red onion, fresh tomato, ketchup, and 80% lean ground chuck. Cook the meat to your liking then brush a soft hamburger bun with butter and toast it. Add the other ingredients first to avoid making the bun soggy. Add the meat last and you’re good to go! To create a cheeseburger instead, just add sharp yellow cheddar cheese.
  • Grilled Veggie Skewers – To make grilled veggie skewers, you’ll need an eggplant cut into chunks, salt, pepper, sugar, minced cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and Tabasco Original Red Sauce. Preheat the grill and soak the wooden skewers to avoid burning them. Mix the salt, pepper, sugar, cilantro, tabasco sauce, and olive oil in one bowl. Place the tomatoes and eggplants onto the skewers with small spaces in between. Cover them in the mixture then place them on the grill. Turn them over when the eggplant is soft or you see grill marks.

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