Mitsubishi Partners with Breakfast Club of Canada

11 Jul

Breakfast Club of Canada

Mitsubishi is all about community involvement and with the automaker’s latest partnership, that generosity extends to the great white north. Partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada, the move is a new direction for the company. The Mitsubishi-Breakfast Club of Canada partnership will last several years and is rather unique in itself.

“Driving social change has many dimensions.  At Mitsubishi Motors we are focused on fuel efficiency and lower emissions in the same Canadian communities where Breakfast Club of Canada feeds children to encourage healthy minds and bodies,” said Kenny Yamamoto, president and CEO, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada.

As a result of the partnership, Mitsubishi will provide financial support for Breakfast Club of Canada’s programs. In addition to direct funding, Mitsubishi will also help increase fundraising and further community participation for the automaker’s Canadian dealerships.

Mitsubishi will contribute as least $100,000 and vehicles to the Breakfast Club of Canada for the current fiscal year. That money will help feed more than 100,000 Canadian children. It will also fast-track several school breakfast programs that are currently on the waiting list.

Considering Breakfast Club of Canada serves more than 1,400 communities, Mitsubishi couldn’t have picked a better cause.

Here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we’re glad to see Mitsubishi serving communities that need it most!

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