How to Remove Smells From Your Car

9 May

Remove Smells From Your Car

Getting rid of nauseating smells can be a problem, especially if they’re ingrained deep in your car. Fortunately there are effective methods for removing unwanted smells and, even better, they won’t cost much at all. In fact, you likely already have all the items you need lying around the house. Here’s how to remove smells from your car.

  1. Dryer Sheets – Great for making laundry come out smelling fresh, dryer sheets can do the same in your car. Wipe down your seats, especially if the smell is ingrained within your car, and place a few sheets under the seats for good measure. Not only will the smell be gone but the dryer sheets will give off a fresh scent as well.
  2. Cat Litter – Designed with your feline friend in mind, cat litter is great for suppressing and getting rid of unwanted smells. To remove a nasty odor from your car, leave a bowl of litter in there overnight. By morning, the smell will be gone and you can reuse the litter.
  3. Citrus Peels – A great way to start the morning, citrus fruit can also be an effective way of removing and replacing unwanted smells. Simply leave a cup of the peels in your car for a few hours. Soon enough, the smell will be gone and you’ll be left with a scent people pay for!

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