Future Mitsubishi Vehicles to Include Turbocharged Engines

25 Apr

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Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Mitsubishi was one of the first brands in the automobile market to adopt turbocharged engines. However, after Mitsubishi backed out of the Japanese sports car craze, the company’s usage of turbocharging technology slipped out of existence. Now, due to Mitsubishi’s plans to restructure the company and rethink their strategy, the brand says that future Mitsubishi vehicles could come with the option of new turbocharged engines. Can you say, “Yes, please?”

Mitsubishi already announced plans to introduce a few new crossovers and SUVs to the American auto market over the course of the next five years, with the plug-in hybrid variant of the Outlander and a supposed crossover EV on the way. However, in a recent statement made to automobile publication Automotive News, Mitsubishi also confirmed that a turbocharged engine may make its mainstream debut in a new vehicle as soon as 2018. There’s also the possibility of a turbo engine in the next-generation Mirage and Mirage G4.

The brand consulted their dealers’ council for input on the decision, announcing to US dealership’s their decision to focus on performance-driven engines. The United States is reportedly Mitsubishi’s largest and most lucrative market, making it an ideal place to test the waters. Mitsubishi Motors North America executive vice president Don Swearingen and CEO Ryujiro Kobashi also have plans to pitch the concept of a turbocharged engine to Japanese brand representatives as well.

Future Mitsubishi vehicles not only include vehicles with turbocharged engine options and more eco-friendly variants, but also more sporty looks. At the dealer council, Mitsubishi also unveiled forthcoming sport packages for the Mirage, Mirage G4, and Outlander Sport. The package will be abbreviation SAM, for “special action model.”

For us at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we are excited to see the turbocharged engine come back to the Mitsubishi brand!

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