Top 5 Things to do in Pensacola, Florida

21 Mar

The Beach

Pensacola is home to many historical places, but it is also a place of great fun and excitement.  See the top 5 things we recommend you have to see and do while visiting Pensacola, Florida, our home at Pete Moore Mitsubishi.

National Naval Aviation Museum

Pensacola is home to the Blue Angels, so it makes sense that we are also home to the National Naval Aviation Museum.  This place has many from aircrafts for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard and other great attractions that show our rich history in Naval Aviation.

Fort Barrancas

Pensacola was one of the first places founded here in the U.S. and has seen many wars in our country.  Fort Barrancas was the first U.S. Naval Yard and shows the history not only of the city, but also of the country.  Definitely worth a quick visit while you are in town!

Blue Angels Practice

As the home of the Blue Angels, we have the extra special privilege to see the Blue Angels practice on a regular basis.  If you haven’t seen them while they’ve toured around, you definitely want to see them while they are practicing for their world famous shows.

Pensacola Beach

Being this close to the ocean, of course we recommend going to see the Beach and the beautiful sands here!  There are many beaches around including the Pensacola Beach, Santa Rosa Island, and the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Blue Wahoo’s

For those who are into baseball, you’ve got to see the Blue Wahoo’s play at the Blue Wahoo’s Stadium.   Going to these baseball games are fun and relaxing and there’s a good chance you will catch a fly ball!

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