Drive Safe in Stormy Weather with These Few Quick Tips

11 Jan

Driving in the Rain

Now is the time of year when we’d usually give you some tips on driving in the snow or surviving a surprise blizzard (for those few of you foolish enough to leave Florida in the wintertime, that is). But, with the wicked storms we saw nationwide in November and December, and with the chance there’s more to come, we’ve decided now might not be such a bad time for some tips on how to drive safe in stormy weather:

  • Be aware of the area you’re driving through. Is it known for heavy wind gusts? Does the land dip low, creating deep puddles or flooding? Avoiding these possibly dangerous areas is your first step toward driving safely through a storm.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel at all times in heavy weather. One strong blast of wind can send you reeling, and that second hand on the wheel could be the only thing that keeps you on the pavement.
  • To drive safe in stormy weather, you need to drive slow in stormy weather. Don’t rush through the rain, don’t whip through the wind, don’t barrel through a blizzard – you get the gist!
  • Roads are slickest right as the rain begins, as it brings out the oils left on the pavement; Wait 10-15 minutes before heading out once the rain has started.
  • Turn on your headlights. This will increase your visibility and help others see you too.

From all of us here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we wish you happy and safe driving all year long!

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