Opportunities exist within the Mitsubishi Plant Closure

17 Aug

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In late July, Mitsubishi Motors announced the closure of its only manufacturing plant in the U.S. located in Normal, Ill.  The Mitsubishi Plant closure will lose more than 1,200 workers, and create a temporary hardship for this small town in Illinois.  The reason for this closure lies in the sales of this product for Mitsubishi which is down significantly from 2002, when the plant first opened.

Despite this sad news, the closure of this plant opens up a few doors, not only for Mitsubishi, but for the town of Normal, IL.  Because the sales for this plant were not up to par, this gives the city a chance to bring business to the plant that could potentially raise the economy and help the city more than the Mitsubishi Plant could.  Mitsubishi officials have stated that their “effort to sell the plant will not be about getting top dollar for the sale but about doing the right thing.”

For Mitsubishi, although this is a set-back, it is the first step to increasing sales in the U.S.  This presents an opportunity for Mitsubishi to refocus their efforts on the market instead of the plant to allow for Mitsubishi to really find out what the American Market wants.  And if the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander is any indicator, Mitsubishi is well on it’s way to developing more American-friendly cars and SUVs.

We can only hope that Mitsubishi is making the right choices here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi.  Tell us what you think about their decision to close the only U.S. plant below in the comments!

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