Boy Scouts of America

28 Nov

Boy Scouts of America | Pete Moore Mitsubishi | Pensacola, FL

Most people see a car dealership and instantly think of buying and selling new and used vehicles. While that’s certainly a part of what we do here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, there’s much more to it than that. As an active member of the Pensacola community, we’re proud to support local groups like the Boy Scouts of America.

Even if you never took part in scouting, odds are you already know who the Boy Scouts of America are. The group’s mission is to teach scouts the life skills they need to survive in the outdoors as well as in life.

When a boy decides to join the Boy Scouts of America, he pays a $24 fee. Obviously that isn’t enough to keep the entire mission viable. That’s why the group runs an annual Friends of Scouting Campaign to keep scouting affordable for all boys who want to take part.

Giving to the Boy Scouts of America fills the gap between the boy’s joining fee and the full cost to keep the scouts up and running. In addition to educating young boys, the scouts also help keep kids off the streets and out of trouble.

We here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi are proud to give back to our community in many ways, including support for the Scouts!

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