Community Partnership Matters: Independence for the Blind

12 Sep

Independence for the Blind - Little girl's eyes

Here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we pride ourselves on not only forming long-lasting relationships with our car buyers, but also with our local community. We do this by fostering long-term sponsorships of regional charities in order to improve the quality of life in West Florida along the Gulf Coast. One such charity organization is Independence for the Blind. With a West Florida chapter, Independence for the Blind is committed to educating the blind and visually impaired in order to help them live more independent lifestyles.

Independence for the Blind of West Florida is the only organization in the area exclusively dedicated to assisting the blind and visually impaired. Their mission to provide the blind with a better quality of life by allowing them more freedom sounds simple, but employs a number of different services – assessment and counseling for the blind and their families, mobility training, communications and computer training, assistance with both vocational and leisurely activities, and even training of daily living essentials like cooking, cleaning, and more. The organization also provides a program for teenagers transitioning into adulthood and the workforce.

Independence for the Blind is a critical part of helping blind and visually impaired individuals live more capable, fulfilling lives. We at Pete Moore Mitsubishi do our part by contributing part of our earnings to the West Florida chapter, in order to make life a little easier for the visually impaired in our local area.

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