Happy Responsible Pet Owners’ Month: Travel Safety Tips for Dogs

16 Feb

Traveling with Dogs

For many of us, our dogs are more than just pets; they are part of the family – so needless to say, many of us bring our K9 companions with us on road trips and even just around town driving. In honor of Responsible Pet Owners’ Month, here are some travel safety tips for dogs according to Cesar Milan and the humane society!

First, the safest way for your dog to travel is in a crash tested crate, preferably aluminum and/or plastic reinforced with fiberglass since they are the most durable. Pet parents can also use dog restraint seat belts that aid in preventing your dog from roaming throughout the car and becoming a distraction to you while driving. Also remember to turn off your power windows, as you don’t want your dog to accidentally step on the button and either excitedly jump out of the moving vehicle, or inadvertently close it on themselves.

Second, remember to bring water and a bowl for your dog and be sure to take breaks. On those long road trips, Cesar recommends stopping every 2-3 hours to let your dog walk around and take care of business.

We at Pete Moore Mitsubishi wish all of our readers and their furry friends a safe and happy Responsible Pet Owners’ Month!

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