Community Partnership Matters: The Arc Gateway Foundation

15 Aug

Pete Moore Mitsubishi Supports the Arc Gateway Foundation

Pete Moore Mitsubishi is proud to support the Arc Gateway Foundation, an organization doing the most good right here in Pensacola, Florida.


The Arc Gateway Foundation’s mission is to help persons living with intellectual or developmental disabilities achieve their best life experience. Founded in 1954, Arc Gateway has spent over half of a century supporting those in need with job training, academic opportunities, independent living skills, and social-emotional services.


Arc Gateway has two major training centers: Pearl Nelson Child Development Center for youths and Pollak Training Center for adults. Both centers provide learning opportunities in both broad life skills and specific job training. Arc Gateway furthers their support by offering their members transportation to and from work as well as additional social activities and excursions, such as group dances and bowling trips.


Part of our operating philosophy here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi is “giving back.” We are grateful to the Pensacola community for their ongoing patronage, and we think the best way to demonstrate this gratitude is by supporting organizations around the region that are doing their best to create positive change in the community. We are humbled by the incredible achievements the Arc Gateway Foundation, and are happy to offer them our continued support.

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