Community Partnership Matters: The Miracle League of Pensacola

22 Aug

Miracle League of Pensacola - Baseball Diamond

The Miracle League of Pensacola believes that every person, young and old, deserves the chance to hear “batter up!” Here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we happen to agree.

The Miracle League of Pensacola aims to provide safe and fair-minded organized baseball to persons living with physical and/or intellectual challenges. During a Miracle League game, every player has the chance to field, hit, get on base, and score.

Through these fun-first, structured baseball games, participants get an opportunity to do what they often cannot as persons with intellectual or physical challenges: play. Miracle League of Pensacola also believes that, through the great American pastime of baseball, participants will have a chance to flex their teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication, and integrity muscles in a safe and supportive space.

The Miracle League of Pensacola asks that community members attend the games and consider supporting the league. Warning: go to one game, and you might just get hooked! The pure joy of each event is sure to warm your heart.

Pete Moore Mitsubishi is a proud donor to the Miracle League of Pensacola. We believe this organization perfectly aligns with our community-first values as a company; their ongoing support of those in need and their drive to positively influence the entire Gulf Coast region means that we are happy to provide them with continued support.

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