Pete Moore Mitsubishi Supports Navy League in Pensacola

15 May

dog tagsHere at Pete Moore Mitsubishi, we love selling cars, but we also love supporting great organizations in our local community. One of those organizations is the Navy League in Pensacola.

The Navy League was officially founded in 1902 under the direction of President Theodore Roosevelt. Since then it has worked to support America’s sea-oriented services including the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and U.S. Merchant Marines.

Their purpose is to help active-duty personnel stay connected with their families and home, keep Congress and the public informed about the importance of these strong organizations, and support youth military program including the Junior ROTC, Naval Sea Cadet Corps, and Young Marines.

Each year, the Navy League hosts numerous special events to showcase our sea services. The largest event held each spring is the Navy League’s global maritime exposition called SeaAirSpace. It also participates in other international trade shows and hosts a special topic breakfast series at its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

One unique aspect of the Navy League is that anyone can become a member. You do not have to be a military service member or even a veteran. Anyone who wants to support the maritime services is welcome in the organization.

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