Cooling Off Your Car

25 Jul

Cooling Off Your Car

Keeping your car cool in summer can be a pain, especially if you live in a hot climate. Now that it’s the middle of summer things are only getting hotter, and that presents an uncomfortable problem for many drivers. While some may know every trick in the book to cool off their car, others might not. Here’s a few tips on cooling off your car from us here at Pete Moore Mitsubishi.

  • Windows – One of the most obvious ways to keep your car cool, cracking the windows can go a long way. If you plan on heading to work and the forecast calls for a sunny day, crack your windows. The hot air will rise, keeping your car a good deal cooler than if the windows were rolled up.
  • Vents – By switching your vent settings so air blows out the floor vents, the car will cool off that much faster. Hot air rises, so blowing cool air from the floor will force it up and out of the car. Just be sure to roll down the windows first!
  • Ice – If your air conditioner isn’t up to par, consider setting ice packs to your dashboard vents. By doing so, even warm air will become cool, effectively lowering the temperature of your car’s interior.

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