New Mitsubishi Engineering Center in Seattle

3 Aug


Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors, launched an engineering center in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle earlier this month.

The new Mitsubishi engineering center will employ around 150 engineers to test flight data for the company’s new jet, the Mitsubishi Region Jet (MRJ). After an initial flight in Japan this October, the bulk of flight testing will take place in Moses Lake, Washington and will start sometime in 2016.

AeroTEC, a local company that provides engineering support to airplane manufacturers, is managing the project. A large portion of the MRJ project workers are AeroTEC employees, though many jobs were offered to area locals.

The MRJ is a fairly small vessel that Mitsubishi hopes will raise the bar for the aero industry in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel use. Officials have said the MRJ project will have a positive and substantial impact on Seattle’s local economy, and aerospace office director Alex Pietsch said in May, “We were hopeful all along that this relationship with Mitsubishi and the MRJ would continue to develop.”

Being from Pensacola, home of the Blue Angels, we at Pete Moore Mitsubishi are excited to see how Mitsubishi can impact the aero industry.  We hope they are as successful here as they are with their continually expanding auto industry!

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